The Phases of Boomerang Throwing

Phase 1: The Right Handling…

Phase 2: The Leg Positioning…

Phase 3: The Arm Swing…

Phase 4: The (hope the boomerang comes back) Macho Look…

Phase 5: The SIGH…(it didn’t come back!!!)

Phase 6: The Retrieval….(sigh again)

CNY Postcards 2015

A flashback photoblog of some family photos taken during this year’s CNY…



Review: Le Gardenz

Once upon a time, we discovered this uniquely decorated restaurant with many different themes like a castle, robots, etc. They even have some of the eating areas made out from large shipment containers! The name is Le Gardenz Cafe, located somewhere in Balakong area.

After we had ordered, we had so much fun exploring its surrounding area! It’s almost as if the entire area was like a giant restaurant-playground! Hee!

The London Bus dining area!! Nice!

Tickets please!!

Lovely garden area. Check out the innovative lamp behind me!

Koko posing with Arsenal…:-p

This way to the toilet…

Toilet doors…..huge Star Wars fan the owners must be…

So how was the food, you ask?

Sorry. I cannot remember dy. I think we had some macaroni and cheese; can’t really recall if the food was outstanding or not. Well, you don’t expect much of a restaurant review by a kid, right? πŸ˜›

Burger Thoughts

You know a burger is gonna taste GOOD….

…when itΒ is BIGGER than your mouth!!!

Innovation Day: Cushion Sleeper

Ever had that tired feeling of nodding off to sleep when you’re just too tired. And sometimes, the nodding off part becomes painful because you might nod off the sleep falling forward FLAT on your face?

Protect your eyes and face now! Simple wrap the standard neck rest cushion the other way round, covering your eyes comfortably.

Now, whenever you have the urge to just doze off for a power nap, just let your face fall freely forward. Go on. Take that rest. You deserve it! πŸ˜›

Now if I can only figure out how to walk and see things in one of those things….sigh.



Riddle of the Day

What’s 5 + 5 + colours?


10 Beautiful Fingernails!! Hee! πŸ˜€

Family Foto Friday!

Caitlynn’s Credible Conclusions


Someone who takes away your money as well as your tooth, your joy, and your time; in return for your blood, your sweat, your tears, your pain, and your discomfort.

Still cannot figure out the economics of dentistry…SIGH.

Why I Love Ice-Cream….

  1. It’s COOL!!
  2. So much sugar! Woo Hoo!
  3. The Waffle Cone!!!! It’s probably more yummy than the ice-cream itself!!
  4. It melts before and after it enters my mouth!!
  5. Needs no feeding. I can feed myself with it!
  6. So creamy!!!
  7. So yummy!!
  8. It gives me an energy boost!!!
  9. Especially great on a hot day!!!
  10. Instant mustache and beard!!! πŸ˜›

Holiday Throwback: Kidzania Day!

Sigh…wonder when the next long school holidays will be?! Looking back (again!!), here’s a photoblog of our second experience in Kidzania in December last year. Nope, Caleb didn’t join the both us this time. Papa reckons he needs to be a little older to enjoy most of the attractions.

Anyway, we started the day early in the morning queuing up for our tickets….

And then when we entered the Kidzania building, we were immediately in the queue once again -at the bank. Mental note: Adults need to learn how to queue up a lot…

After getting our small amount of start-up cash, we zoomed straight to the Fire Station! This was one of the attractions we missed the last time we were here…+

…but we found out many other kids also wanted to be firemen! So here we are…queuing again!!

…but the wait was well worth it! We got to suit up, listen to some minor tutorial in firefighting…

…and the highlight was spraying water at some hotel structure flaming up with fake fire!

Next, we returned to a slightly less dangerous occupation – courier service! We had done this during our first time here, but it was so much fun we had to do it again! Hee!

Next, we had so much fun delivering parcels, we decided to continue our delivery career path and delivered newspapers instead!

After that, I went into some computer shop to played the role of a computer technician! No computer games though. Sigh.

We then explored the world of labs – soap lab of Lifebuoy…

…followed by Yoghurt milk factory @ Vitagen…

…and we even bottled our own water at the Spritzer water bottle factory!

Pharmaniaga was our final lab stop as we learnt how vitamins are made and bottled!

We ended the Kidzania Day by making our own meal at the Ayam Brand cooking shop. Of course the snack wasn’t enough so we had dinner in Ikea Cafe after that too…Haha…

And that’s it! Hope to explore more stuff on our next visit! πŸ˜€