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Car-aoke: Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning

Exclusive recording of our cover this Bon Jovi hit sung inside the car. Enjoy!

Smile of the Day!

Hero for Hire

Got a PROBLEM you cannot handle?

Got yourself into a STICKY SITUATION?

Got some CRIME you need to solve?

Got something you need PROTECTION from?


I cannot guarantee I can solve all your problems, but I can guarantee I WILL MAKE YOUR DAY!!

Special Powers includes HUGS, KISSES, HIGH FIVES, BACK STOMPS err, MASSAGES and more!

Pssssst….PLUS I really need the money to buy me a proper SHIELD….hehe…:-P

Chores of Love

I still don’t get it – why are normal housework often called CHORES? Considering the fact that a definition of CHORE is listed as “An unpleasant but necessary task“, I simply cannot understand all these erm, unpleasantness!

Perhaps I may be too small to comprehend ‘unpleasant tasks’ but I have to strongly speak out that our household work should NOT be called a CHORE.

If started young, I truly believe that all kids will grow up ENJOYING their task instead of defaulting-labeling household work as CHORES…

Here are some of my own personal tips to slowly replace your CHORE-mentality with an enjoyable one!

– Treat the household stuff like your own toy! Once we get comfortable with it, we will not hate it so much! Hee!

– Work/clean up in groups! Less stress!

– Expose self to TV programs where the kids help to clean up things!

– Watching adults do housework regularly….at our age, we pick up things like sponge..:-D

Hmmm….I wonder after my numerous contacts/meetings with the broom and broom stick., would I actually get an exemption on the next level of house-hold clean-up – the vacuum cleaner….:-p

Save our Papa!!

Disclaimer: This is a self-voluntary advertisement in the loving interest of Papa….

Please, please, please help our Papa win his Samsung Galaxy Tab….trust us..he seriously looks DESPERATE…

You just need to browse over to the blog entry HERE, and leave a comment after you’ve read the post! All comments must be submitted before end of 5 Dec 2010! So hurry!!!

It’s that easy!

See how cute we look on the Tab itself?!!

Spot the Difference!

Riddle of the Day!

Still in the World Cup mood, try to take a guess what position am I playing in this picture below?

A Sweeper, of course! Hehe…:-P

Say my name, say my name….

Through my recent interactions with relatives, friends of Papa and Mama and also some strangers, I have come to realisation that not many people out there knows how to pronouce my name correctly! Sigh….well, I guess it’s a ‘burden’ I need to carry around with such a unique name…hee!

For the record, I have been addressed a couple of times like ‘Katherine’, ‘Kat-te-line’, ‘Kat-hrin’, etc..

For those curious to know, do head on over to my personal page Caitlynn where you can read about my growth updates, and more importantly…how to pronounce my name properly…

In brief, don’t let the length nor the spelling distract your tongue. My name is simply pronouced as if you wanted to say ‘Kate-lin’….takes a while, but soon after the correct pronounciation of my name should roll off your tongue easily. 😀

Of course, if it is still a challenge, I also respond to the name Princess….hee! :-p

Giveaway Winner!

Yay! I just read that the contest results from the Little Red Reading Nook are out! Although I didn’t bag the grand prize, I am happy to announce that my blog entry made it to the Special Mention list and I was also awarded a Free Shipping Voucher to buy stuff from this cool online bookstore and also its partner shops, namely Cupcake Chic Children’s Boutique, Huiwearn Kids Store and Pretty Roses for Pretty Girls !

Time to pester Papa to go online shopping! Wee! And best of all, I can finally stop reading all these deep level books Papa has and start to read stuff at my level! 😛

Children’s Book Give-Away!

As a toddler who just celebrated my second birthday yesterday (hint hint..:-D), I have come to realise of how critical the development of a child’s reading habit can be these days! Getting the right book at the right age is as important as mommies choosing that perfect complimenting lipstick or daddies picking out that correct matching tie before they go out!

No doubt in this day and age, we have other forms of media like the Internet and TVs that also provide rich sources of knowledge, but after a while, they can prove to be quite a sore to the eyes and also induce boredom too. I mean, how often can a child ‘poke’ each other on Facebook, or sit through countless repeats of the Hot Dog Dance, right? At the end of the day, a good old-fashioned book (regardless of its many new rich variants of pop-ups, glitters, musically-chimed, etc.) is what every child needs!

The Little Red Reading Nook is one such place where you can find a wide variety of good children’s books in the comfort of your own home. The books here are also very competitively priced and is complete with simple yet comprehensive reviews for you to consider before you make your choice!

Believe you me, with sites like the Little Red Reading Nook, toddlers like me would never again be denied access to such wonderful books, and my precious time would be spent beneficially reading books filled with knowledge at my reading level, instead of being thrown in the ‘deep-end of the pool’ with those huge sheets of carbon adults like to read everyday. Sigh.

I had almost given up hope when I read that the Little Red Reading Nook had recently undergone a beautiful makeover and is organising its very FIRST ever children’s book give-away contest! Exactly what I need to develop my young reading brain cells! Seriously! Hee!

The Grand Prize is  Maisy’s Home & Garden Pop-up & Play Book (selling at major bookstores at RM 79.90). There will also be a Special BONUS prize in the form of a Children’s Book Hamper if over 100 entries are received for this giveaway. Last but not least, the best blog entry will receive a Hello Kitty Mystery Gift Hamper sponsored by Huiwearn Kids Store.

Are you excited now as well? Hee! To participate in this fantastic book give-away, simply swing over now to the the Contest Site page on the Little Red Reading Nook! Full details are there on how you can try your luck in this wonderful give-away!

The winner will be selected randomly so the higher the number of entries you have, the better the chances of you winning! Remember, deadline is 3 March 2010! So, do join in and heed the national agenda of becoming a reading nation! Hee!

Here’s randomly hoping my entry is randomly picked! 😀