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Ways to Make Papa Happy #33

…Proudly carry the Man Utd logo to school!

The Phases of Boomerang Throwing

Phase 1: The Right Handling…

Phase 2: The Leg Positioning…

Phase 3: The Arm Swing…

Phase 4: The (hope the boomerang comes back) Macho Look…

Phase 5: The SIGH…(it didn’t come back!!!)

Phase 6: The Retrieval….(sigh again)

Fast Cars: Refuelled

Wow! Has it been so long already since 9 Aug when we braved the hot, sunny weather, sea of people and dehydration just to witness the inaugural KL City Grand Prix? What an experience it was! I can still remember it for the following…

  • It was HOT
  • There were SO MANY people!!!
  • It was NOISY!!!
  • Not enough WATER!!
  • Still too short to see anything! Sigh.
  • Thank God for Monorails!!
  • So many cameras!!!
  • So much WALKING
  • So much neck strainings!!

But the most important memory is that I want to come back again!!!! Because fast cars are so cool!!!!

(excuse the screaming bit. Think I may be deaf already….:-p)

Football 201: Training in Briefs

As my toddler trainings continue to the stage of potty training, I realised that Papa’s football training isn’t too far behind either! Gasp!

Actually, I would actually say, Papa has managed to embed his Football Training modules into my potty trainings too!!

Sigh. Anyway, guess it’s pretty obvious. You know your Papa is football obsessed when he starts to buy you briefs with football motifs! 😛

Man Utd Friday!

Football Friday!

Football Friday!

UNITED with Koko Aleks! 😀

Ways to Make Papa Happy #32

Install the Argentina flag as my room curtain!

Video of the Week: Daze Runner

Football Friday!