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Ways to Make Papa Happy #33

…Proudly carry the Man Utd logo to school!

Why I Love to Go To School….

  1. Food is served in between class breaks!
  2. Getting into a uniform makes me feel like a BIG BOY!
  3. Natural building of shoulder muscles by carrying the super heavy schoolbag everyday!

      4. Having my own place to my shoes!!

5. A big field to run around!

6. I get the entire AFTERNOON all to MYSELF! Muahahahahaha…..


The (1 Week) Monitor Diaries


Woo Hoo! Just got myself elected as class monitor! This is just gonna be so kewl!! Wonder what perks and privileges will I get? Can I leave earlier for recess?  Do I get less homework? Do I get to bark orders at my class-mates? Muahahahahahaha……..


Ackkk! I got myself a TIE around my neck!!! Feels choking at times! Discovered I’m not entitled to many perks as I initially thought. Heck, I didn’t even get a card or whistle! I feel that the school should provide all these information well ahead first. Sigh. Well, at least I get to lead ALL the greetings to every single teacher that walks into class. Yeah, that’s right…ALL. Getting a little tired of this. Hmmmm, perhaps that’s why there’s another girl who shares this class monitoring job with me too. Good to have another co-monitor to share the stress.


Gosh. I guess Spidey really hit the nail on the head when he said “With great powers come great responsibility!” Today I continued to revel in my new responsibility to ensure orderly of class and also to lock up all doors after the school ends. Late for my dinner appointment yet again! Sigh…

Oh, and I’m supposed to get ready a small notebook to jot down names of all naughty and mis-behaving class-mates. Must make mental note NOT to jot down my own name by accident…


Oh no! Brought the wrong books to school. Confused Thursday for Wednesday. Hmmmmm. Teacher doesn’t seem too pleased.


Whoa! Big news! I have been officially RELIEVED of my monitor duties!!! Teacher appointed someone else to take up this sorry, miserable job!

I am FREE again!!! Woo Hoo!!

Schooling Questions 101

Almost mid way through my first year in primary school, I have discovered so many things which made me more curious about how school was like for Papa and Mama. This prompted me to continuously ask them ‘intelligent’ questions, such as…

– Last time your school got how many levels?

– Your school got field or not?

– Did you go to school by bus?

– Did you need to bring so many books to school too?

– Your school bag got wheels one ah?

– Did you need to climb up stairs to your class?

– Did your seat come with a window?

– Did your classrooom have an electronic screen?

– Did you all wear T-Shirts during Pendidikan Jasmani?

– Did your school have shaded corridors?

– What kind of food was served in your school canteen?

– Your school got how many gates?

– How did your timetable look like?

– How long was the recess period?

– Was your class room table and chairs made of wood or plastic or metal?

– What time does your school finish?

– Did you get many homeworks to do at home?

– Did you have to keep your hair short in school?

– Did you have to do spelling exercises almost every other day?!

Yup. My questions may seem endless but it gives me a rare chance to catch a glimpse into Papa and Mama’s earlier childhood days when they were schooling.

Any getting some of the answers, I guess I like school in my own era better. Why? probably because we get an awesome electronic screen in the class room! Of course, schoolbags are probably heavier now than before. probably




You Know You Are Going To School….

…when your life is suddenly shaped by a small piece of paper called the ‘TIMETABLE’

…when you have spelling tests almost every other day!

…when you routinely bring back stacks of homework!

…when you spend less time with the TV!

…when you suddenly become closer friends with the pencil sharpener…

…when you proudly show off your name to the whole world! (read: school nametags…)

…when you cannot simply ponteng school anymore…:-(

…when the only time you get to wear a T-Shirt is during PJ

…when your shoes are paraded for teh entire neighbourhood to see…

Essential Items You Must Have in Your Office

If you are just starting your own business or your office is in a cost-cutting mode, one of the methods is to ensure that your office is only equipped with the essential items to run the office. These are my suggestions of truly essential office items you cannot live without!

1. Air-cond

2. A reliable and safe network environment

3. An office phone!

4. Printer/fax/scanner/coffee machine/etc.combo

5. Ergonomic chair with back support

6. ME!!!!!!!!!


My First Day Prose


It must have been all a blur to me last Monday

Six years have zoomed past me that day

It felt as if I was only learning to crawl the day before

Suddenly I’m standing in front of the Standard One door!


Three years in pre-school….have I learnt anything?

Besides making noises, eating, dancing and singing?

Wonder if those skills would be useful in Standard One?

I certainly hope so, if not it will surely be no fun!


New school, new friends, new teachers and new challenges

Starting with a clean slate is always tough with these changes

So what new adventures lie ahead in this new school

Whatever they are, I’m going to make it cool


My six years have gone and really disappeared

But for all its worth, they will always be remembered

Archived memories of my special past

Hoping that they will forever last


I welcome my seventh year with a brave, strong heart

Praying to God to walk with me for a confident start

My next phase of life has only just begun

Seventh year’s looking so bright, I just gotta RUN!!


Train of Art

Of all my artwork and craft that I did during my days in pre-school, perhaps one of my favourites was the TRAIN (see above).

What made this piece of art special was the fact that it is exquisitely made up of many different parts of regular household items, like Yakult bottle, toilet roll, jelly plastics, ping pong ball, etc. In addition, the train also took countless weeks and weeks of cutting and pasting and painting and drying and possibly worrying too. 😛

Too bad we didn’t have time to make it solar or battery operated. That would have brought it to another level of coolness, don’t you think? Heh.

Here are more close-up looks of my favourite train…

Things I Will Miss About Pre-School…

Gosh! I really cannot believe I’ve finished pre-school already! In the next couple of weeks, I will be going to Primary 1! GASP! How in the world did I grow up so fast?!!! Sigh.

As I look back and reflect on my three years of pre-school, these are the things I would probably miss the most…

1. My crazy bunch of friends!

2. Getting up late…

3. No demerit points if I arrive late to school!

4. Talking with my teachers..

5. Holiday Homework. Serious!

6. The food during morning break…

7. Having a playground next to the school!

8. Watching TV during free time…or when I’m early to school!

9. Having my very own shoe space, with my name on it too!

10. No tuition! Hee!

11. Dancing and singing at year end graduation concerts!

12. Wearing T-Shirt uniforms! Somehow I just dislike them buttoned shirts…

The Graduation Concert 2014

WOW! Has it been a month already since our graduation concert?!! How time flies!!

Slowly recollecting some back log of blogs and photos due to the hectic holiday period…hehe..

This year, I have shown miles of improvement from my erm…non-performance in 2013’s concert. Probably I have grown some courage at the same time of growing up too. 😛 This year, the graduating theme was Dances from Around the World. Koko Collin’s class got to perform an Indian dance whilst my class was tasked with a Chinese Drum Dance!

This year’s concert was also extra special for Koko because it would be his final, or graduation concert from pre-school! It was also made extra special by Ah Ma and Ah Kong, who traveled down from Ipoh to watch us in action! *stress* hehe

Caleb watching & wondering when will be his turn..:-p

Very early on in the programme, Koko Collin received his graduation scroll ….3 successful years of pre-school! Congrats Koko!!! You’re truly an inspiration! Hee!

And then there was yet another surprise for Koko when it was announced that he had achieved number FOUR for his academic excellence in the school! Way to go, Koko! Woo Hoo!

And, erm…yes, he is still proudly displaying his trophy to everyone that visits our house. 😛

Fourth place!! Woo hoo!

The concert quickly got underway with a special band performance by the 6-year olds. Koko got the special privilege and honor to play   whack the drum for this performance. The whacking was so loud that apparently this was the time Caleb was woken up from his sleep…:-P

Unfortunately, during my Chinese Drum Dance, there wasn’t a very good angle to view it from where my family was sitting….sigh

…but anyway, here’s a brief video clip of my dance on that day..

Koko’s Indian dance came on next….only thing missing from the performance was probably a tree….hehe

And here’s a short clip of the Indian dance…

As usual, many parents seem overly excited again to get up so close to the stage to perform with their children.

Either that or older people have really bad vision….

And that’s it! An exciting day filled with dancing, singing and my super supportive FAMILY!!! 😀

The Playful Pups!

More photos from the concert: