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Family Foto Friday

#HolidayThrowback – Photo taken during CNY celebrations in Empire Mall Subang


Car-aoke: 21 Guns

Yet another exclusive cover from us – this time on Greenday’s classic…. 21 Guns! Enjoy!

Driving Ms Wild

Driving on the wild side that’s what I love,

Showing off my skills and dangerous moves,

Driving so carefree, without stress nor fear,

Heck, I don’t even need to change any gears!


‘Stunts’ they call it? Nah, that’s just so lame,

Poor and sorry excuse for a sporty name;

To me, these stunts come oh so naturally,

Leaning back, kneeing corners, making U-turns recklessly!


Stunt driving feels like living on the edge,

The ultimate feeling of flying free from the cage;

So who would want a ride with me I wonder?

Or am I actually just a really, scary driver?

Semalu Similarities

Oh what a unique name you have, my little Pokok Semalu

One gentle touch on your leaves and you’d disappear from view

Folding your leaves inwards even with the slightest wind passing through

Hey, we’re both actually not very different – me and you! 


I Love My Lips!

I don’t know about the rest,

But my lips – they deserve the best!

Sweet, juicy, strawberry flavoured

Shiny, glossy, pinkly coloured!

Ballroom Dancing

Apart from singing, I also very much love to dance!

So sometimes when there’s no pole around, I just grab whatever that is closeby to be my partner. Caleb was my very willing partner in this exclusive clip of a ballroom dance! Hehe…


Our Christmas Tree Project

It’s been a while but I guess I’m finally deemed big enough to play with trees! Hehe…

Presenting our Christmas tree project for this year….

Our Music Concert!

Playing the piano is challenging enough. But playing piano in front of a crowd brings STRESS to another new level!!

Here’s me performing at the year end concert from Music United Studio Centre! My piece was an extract from Puff the Magic Dragon…

And here is Caleb’s medley of performances with his classmates. Hehe…

And in case you were wondering, Caitlynn was not ready to perform that day. Next year, perhaps? 🙂

Bathroom Concert

Sometimes when you are extremely shy and reserved around crowds, the only place of solace where one can let loose is within the sanctuary of…..

…the bathroom! Hee!

Yup, one of my favourite ‘me’ places where I can be my joyful self, bathing and singing as I like – a world of my own!

What I didn’t expect was for sneaky Papa to record a sampling of my bathroom concert! Hmmmmmph….

Now I’m just wondering if he has enough tracks to cut an album?!!! Oh No!!!

Exclusive track from my bathroom concert:


MRT Pole Dance

Exclusive video clip of my pole dance performance on board the Taipei Metro…..:-D