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Car-aoke: 21 Guns

Yet another exclusive cover from us – this time on Greenday’s classic…. 21 Guns! Enjoy!

Paper Cupcakes

Ever felt so, so hungry in between meals that your stomach cries out for a snack, but your mind continues to remind you of how unhealthy that is?!

Ever wanted to eat those light, but satisfying snacks that is approved by both your stomach and mind?

Come, brave yourself and try out my new self-creation – minimalist, paper cup-cakes!

Guaranteed to keep your mouth meal-free till the next proper meal comes along! Never put on any extra weight! No Cholesterol! No Oil!

Sounds YUMMY already?

The Phases of Boomerang Throwing

Phase 1: The Right Handling…

Phase 2: The Leg Positioning…

Phase 3: The Arm Swing…

Phase 4: The (hope the boomerang comes back) Macho Look…

Phase 5: The SIGH…(it didn’t come back!!!)

Phase 6: The Retrieval….(sigh again)

Why I Love Ice-Cream….

  1. It’s COOL!!
  2. So much sugar! Woo Hoo!
  3. The Waffle Cone!!!! It’s probably more yummy than the ice-cream itself!!
  4. It melts before and after it enters my mouth!!
  5. Needs no feeding. I can feed myself with it!
  6. So creamy!!!
  7. So yummy!!
  8. It gives me an energy boost!!!
  9. Especially great on a hot day!!!
  10. Instant mustache and beard!!! 😛

Superhero Friday – Double Edition!


Look-a-like Monday!

Pose of the Week



Coffee Comic

World of Drama Wednesday: Star Wars Edition

In recent weeks, my tiny feeble mind has been exposed to waves after waves of Star Wars stuff. Have I been any way influenced? My speech and actions for the past couple of weeks says yes….. Sigh.


(outstretched arm with my palms open)

“Come…..follow me…to the dark side….”


(constant humming)

“Dum dum dum….dum dum dum, dum dum dum…(imperial march)”


(drama response)

“Noooooooooooo!!!! You’re not my father!”


(outstretched arm with palm facing out)

Me: Whoosh….

Papa: Err….what are you doing, Caleb?

Me: Using the FORCE lah!



Me: (attacks Papa with pretend lightsaber) Bzzzzt……Bzzzzt….

Papa: Aaargh…my hands…my legs….arrgh….

Me: (attacks the mouth) Bzzzzt…….cut the tongue already! Too noisy….

Papa: ?!!!!


(in the shower)

Me: (focuses open palms on the shower head) Look Papa! I’m forcing the water to come down!!


Bro Wars

(TIP: Recommended best reading effect is to lean back 58 degrees whilst reading this…)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

lived two blood brothers who always fought for everything.

Who would wear the shoes first.

Who would get the last fishball.

Who would get the remote control.

Who would get to switch off the lights.

Who would burp the loudest.

Well, you get the idea.

Anyway, the older brother was obviously bigger and stronger.

And he also always wore this legendary Stormtrooper helmet 

which protected him from any harm to the head…

Little brother had no answer to this helmet.

He had tried with small sticks, big sticks, chopsticks, drumsticks,

heck, even lipsticks! There simply wasn’t enough FORCE to break through!

Then one day, little brother found a tiny replica of big brother!

He gleefully and rebelliously put it onto the top of his favourite pencil….

And now, he has some ounce, hmmm, perhaps even more than a kilogram of hope!

He finally had big brother at the mercy of his very own fingertips!

Palm of his hand. Inside his mouth. Lost in his hair.

Under his armpit. Hitting the wall. Cleaning his ears.

The list was endless!