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Paper Cupcakes

Ever felt so, so hungry in between meals that your stomach cries out for a snack, but your mind continues to remind you of how unhealthy that is?!

Ever wanted to eat those light, but satisfying snacks that is approved by both your stomach and mind?

Come, brave yourself and try out my new self-creation – minimalist, paper cup-cakes!

Guaranteed to keep your mouth meal-free till the next proper meal comes along! Never put on any extra weight! No Cholesterol! No Oil!

Sounds YUMMY already?

Review: Le Gardenz

Once upon a time, we discovered this uniquely decorated restaurant with many different themes like a castle, robots, etc. They even have some of the eating areas made out from large shipment containers! The name is Le Gardenz Cafe, located somewhere in Balakong area.

After we had ordered, we had so much fun exploring its surrounding area! It’s almost as if the entire area was like a giant restaurant-playground! Hee!

The London Bus dining area!! Nice!

Tickets please!!

Lovely garden area. Check out the innovative lamp behind me!

Koko posing with Arsenal…:-p

This way to the toilet…

Toilet doors…..huge Star Wars fan the owners must be…

So how was the food, you ask?

Sorry. I cannot remember dy. I think we had some macaroni and cheese; can’t really recall if the food was outstanding or not. Well, you don’t expect much of a restaurant review by a kid, right? ๐Ÿ˜›

Burger Thoughts

You know a burger is gonna taste GOOD….

…when itย is BIGGER than your mouth!!!

Why I Love Ice-Cream….

  1. It’s COOL!!
  2. So much sugar! Woo Hoo!
  3. The Waffle Cone!!!! It’s probably more yummy than the ice-cream itself!!
  4. It melts before and after it enters my mouth!!
  5. Needs no feeding. I can feed myself with it!
  6. So creamy!!!
  7. So yummy!!
  8. It gives me an energy boost!!!
  9. Especially great on a hot day!!!
  10. Instant mustache and beard!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

CNY. Eat. Cake. Repeat.

Wanna know one of the best perks of having both our birthdays (Koko and myself) so close to Chinese New Year everyday?

We get to celebrate and eat lotsa cakes!!! Hehehe….

#1: Celebration in Ipoh….

#2: Celebration in Sitiawan…

#3: Celebration on my actual birthday…

#4: Celebration on Koko’s actual birthday…

The Sushi Project

Since we all love sushi so much, Mama decided to make it a project for us to make on our own! Yay! And at the end of the day, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make this favourite snack of ours!

Step #1: Ask Mama to cook the rice, egg and whatever filling that you love! For our sushi project, Mama fried some concoction of juicy mixed vege with mushrooms….

Step #2: Tear up appropriate size of the seaweed sheet, and proceed to place the rice, sliced egg and all the other goodie stuff from Step #1!!

Step #3: You are now ready to ROLL!! For neatness, you may use a sushi bamboo stick roll thingy to help you. Eventually, we all decided to just roll it up using our hands – it’s much FASTER!!! Hehe…

Step #4: Enjoy your SUSHI!!! Repeat Steps #1 – #3 till satisfied! BURP!!

Step #5: Hey, why not have some fun and create your own sushi art! Here’s a sushi-like burger – no need to roll – just use two seaweed sheets to sandwich the sushi ingredients in the middle! YUMMY!!


My Kind of Pizza!

All kids love pizza. I am a kid. So I love pizza too. Heck, I think most adults love pizza too, right?

Anyway, no matter how much I love pizza, there was something about pizza that continue to bother me – why don’t I get to see any EGG in pizzas? Sure, I mean you could argue that there are eggs found in the pastry, etc. but it is just not the same!

A couple of months back we ate in this place called Tino’s Pizza Cafe and what they had on their menu totally blew my mind! Behold….

…the Fiorentina – beef bacon, spinach, melted cheese toppings on your pizza, completed perfectly with a sunny side EGG right smack in the middle of it!

And this, everyone…is MY KIND OF PIZZA!

10 Reasons to Love Chawanmushi!

  1. It has EGG
  2. It comes in such a cute little cup!!
  3. It has EGG
  4. No need to chew much!
  5. It has EGG
  6. So smooth it rolls on my tongue!
  7. It has EGG
  8. Just the right portion for my little tummy!
  9. It has EGG
  10. Have I already mentioned that it has EGG? Yummy!!

The Pizza Project

Before this project began, I had absolutely no idea we could make our very own pizza by using just some bread and a toaster! I’d always thought those delicious, yummy pizzas were made at some higher level arts thingy. Heh.

Anyway, here’s how our project went….

Step #1: Prepare the bread….

Step #2: Control self to NOT eat the bread…

Step #3: Sprinkle capsicum, tomato, minced beef in pasta sauce, etc.

Step #4: Repeat step above will fully satisfied…

Step #5: Sprinkle shredded cheese on top

Step #6: Carefully place item inside toaster

Step #7: Stare at toaster screen for about 4-5 minutes. Can smell also. Standby paper towels in the event of salivation…

Step #8: It’s READY!!!!!!!!

Step #9: Repeat. Eat. Enjoy!

And it took less than 10 steps too! Woo Hoo!

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