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Caitlynn’s Credible Conclusions


Someone who takes away your money as well as your tooth, your joy, and your time; in return for your blood, your sweat, your tears, your pain, and your discomfort.

Still cannot figure out the economics of dentistry…SIGH.

The Day My Tooth Fell Out…

About 2 months ago, I felt one of my bottom tooth was rather loose, and there was a niggling pain whenever I bit any food there. It also became more challenging every time I brushed my teeth! Aaaargh!!!

This prompted me to consult Koko, whom I thought would be an expert on these ‘coming out of milk tooth’ stuff already, Already lost count how many he has lost! ๐Ÿ˜›

I asked him what was it like when he lost his first tooth. I saw a cringe on Koko’s forehead and an empty stare. I think I might have triggered some horrific flashback of sorts because he started to mumble and babble about how much pain and how unbearable it was, how much blood came out, how loud he wailed and cried, how many buckets of tears he had filled, etc.

So I was certainly prepared for the WORST!

Hah! Found out just how exaggerated Koko’s description was!! My first tooth just popped out on its own when I was in school.

No pain. No screams. No sweat. No fuss. Just a little bloody but that’s OK.

Guess I discovered my threshold of pain is quite high! *proud moment*

Essential Items You Must Have in Your Office

If you are just starting your own business or your office is in a cost-cutting mode, one of the methods is to ensure that your office is only equipped with the essential items to run the office. These are my suggestions of truly essential office items you cannot live without!

1. Air-cond

2. A reliable and safe network environment

3. An office phone!

4. Printer/fax/scanner/coffee machine/etc.combo

5. Ergonomic chair with back support

6. ME!!!!!!!!!


The Saliva Trilogy

Sigh. This blog will update on the latest installment in my legendary saliva trilogy

When I first (and poetically) announced that I was free from my bibs way back in July in my piece entitled How Do You Say Goodbye? it sorta brought hope and meaning to my life – knowing that I was finally free from overflowing saliva and dependency on bibs.

If I could rename that milestone in my life it would be …

Episode IV: A New Hope

And then in recent weeks, the unthinkable happened. Yup…I begun to leak saliva again!!

I have totally no explanation for this except to open up my closet of bibs and put them on again. Sigh. IN a trilogy, this milestone would be aptly called:

Episode V: The Saliva Strikes Back

I have been back on bibs for the past week or so now. Not sure how long more do I have to endure wearing these things again, but sigh.

Until then, I guess I can do nothing but to officially name the third of my trilogy…

Episode VI: Return of the Bib

My Bib and I

Sometimes when I look down and see my bib, I seriously wonder…

“Was I actually BORN with a bib?”

“Does the bib grow from out of my neck?”

“How come almost everyone else does not carry one?”

Sigh. I can’t remember the first time I put on a bib, even my every first bib. All I know is that it seems to be always there whenever I put on my clothes. And after a while, it feels like second nature to me that the bib OUGHT to be there. Sigh.

You see, unlike the current water crisis in the state, my mouth doesn’t have any rationing problems. It continuously and abundantly flows and flows of saliva like a (sad, but true) broken tap. Sigh. Unfortunately it is something I still cannot control. I will salivate when I get excited, or happy, or hungry, or cranky, or moody, or laughing, or crying. Hmmm….probably the only time I do not salivate is when I sleep! And even I cannot confirm that! Hee!

As a professional bib user, here are some positives and negatives about wearing bibs all the time…


– Don’t have to care what I need to wear because the bib covers it up anyway!

– Enhances the ‘cute baby’ persona…:-P

– Auto makeshift meal-time napkin…


– No point wearing fancy shirts because the bib will always block it!

– Almost every other photo of me has a bib accessory…

– Wet feeling on the chest at most times. Ewwwwww

Why I Like to Visit the Dentist

1. They have super cool reclining chairs!

2. Dentists dress up like ninjas!

3. Chance to build up my courage!

4. Close-up with the dentist’s array of gadgets!

5. ย The ice-cream that awaits me after that….hee!

My First Visit to the Dentist

It was only inevitable that I would make a trip to the dentist sooner or later.

Well, it turned out it would be sooner than I had expected…no thanks to my NEW TOOTH that had already started to grow near my left incisor. The situation became more complex when this new tooth had no place to grow because my front two teeth were still ‘hanging’ around. Heh. This caused the new tooth to start growing slant-ways…

Mama thought it would be a good idea to bring me to the dentist to have a check-up and also if necessary, to have my front teeth removed too so that my new tooth that was growing had some space to grow straight and proper. ๐Ÿ™‚

So off we went to the dental clinic the other weekend…*cue horror music in the background*

We ended up with this particular clinic in the Seri Kembangan town. Apparently the dentist here won a lot of awards related to dentistry, based on the plaques and certificates that adorned his clinic walls. *cue hopeful choir music*

So I was relatively stunned when my name was called and I entered the room to find not the same doctor like his pictures I saw outside but of a young doctor instead! *cue horror music reprise!*

All sorts of terrible thoughts came into my head at that time..

Would he take out the wrong tooth?

Would he accidentally cut my tongue?

Can I still eat pizza after this..this…surgery?

Why does it not help to notice the word DENT is inside DENTist?

Why does the dentist hide his identity and face behind that mask as if he’s gonna commit a crime?

Anyway, the dentist did a check-up and suggested that only one front tooth be removed because the other one is not blocking the growth of the hew tooth in any way. And before I knew it, this young dentist injected me with something that kinda numbed my senses around the mouth and expertly removed one of my front tooth.

I didn’t even feel anything! Yay me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sure was glad it was all and over so fast. And to top it all off, I came out from my first visit to the dental clinic without any negative impressions or traumatic episodes. Hee!

Playing with Medicine

Whilst I’m not as over-enthusiastic about taking medicine like my older siblings, one thing that I really like about medicine is PLAYING with the glass bottles that some of these medicine come with….or those cool gas-puffing gadgets like in the photo above.

Somehow, playing with all these REAL stuff feels so much more exciting when playing with JUST plain toys…

Hmmm…I wonder if they have toys designed like medicine so i can play more with them? Hee!

Perhaps one day I could even ENJOY taking medicine? ๐Ÿ˜›

Plastered Thoughts

Sometimes it makes me wonder if those doctors and other hospital folks think kids are so easily fooled…

I mean, everytime I get a jab, they think they can ‘soothe’ it by plastering it up with some cutesy, artsy, cartoony, kiddy sheet of plaster.

Sigh. I wish I could scream at them:

“HELLO?!! The PAIN is still there!!”

“The pain is coming from WITHIN!!”

“Do you realise that I cannot really SEE the cartoon on the kiddy plaster on my bum or leg?!!”

Doctors sure are weird, don’t you think..?

Now, if I could get that Transformers plaster on my next jab, please? Hee! ๐Ÿ˜€

Mini Koko

Well, I guess I AM really going to turn out as a mini Koko Collin! Previously, many (if not everyone!) people have said I have a striking resemblance to my brother. Now, even the doctors can confirm it!

During my last visit to the doctor, I had myself measured up as if I was going to go for some title fight or something..hee!

There was the baby scale thingy which read out my weight; then there was this longish soft ruler that could tell my height as I laid down on it. Then the doctor himself had one of those flexible rulers that could wrap around my head to measure my brain size, I think.

After the analysis with some eerie looking graph, the doctor confirmed that my height is ABOVE average for babies of my age; Weight is AVERAGE; and Head/Brain is a little BELOW average.

Exactly the same stats as Koko Collin, as Papa recalls it….though Mama still thought Koko was much lighter back then compared to me.

Anyhow, I think it’s quite safe to say I am growing up FAST and CHEEKILY too….following Koko’s footsteps!

Notice the resemblance below?

Me, Caleb!

Koko Collin, archived pic