Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

I was safely delivered into the world at 4.05pm on 13 Feb 2012 in Hospital Pantai Ampang, KL.

Yup, it’s the same hospital where Koko Collin and Jiejie Caitlynn was delivered. And guess what? Same doctor too! Hehe. When the nurses stretched the tape to measure me, my height came up to 53cm and my head 34cm in circumference. When I was placed on the weighing scale, it showed 3.1kg. Hmmm…it would seem that I would be the tallest at the time of delivery compared to my older brother and sister..:-D

Papa and Mama gave me the name Caleb Cheah Yi Shen and I’m really happy and excited about its special meaning and significance!

“Caleb” is of Hebrew origin and is pronounced KAY-leb. The direct meaning of Caleb is “faith, devotion and whole-hearted”. In the Bible, Caleb was a companion of Moses and Joshua, and was noted for his astute powers of observation and fearlessness in the face of overwhelming odds. Apparently in some traditions, Caleb’s devotion to God was symbolised by the ‘dog’. (source: ThinkBabyNames)

Hmmm….no wonder I think I fit in quite well into this erm, kennel..

My Chinese name? Well, it looks like this…

What does it mean? I share the same “Yi” with Koko Collin, which basically means ‘resolute, firm, and determined’. My second character, “Shen” simply means ‘gentleman’ (ahem).

I am quite well-known by everyone to be a very smiley and friendly boy, with a dash of cheekiness added too! I can also throw some violent tantrums every now and then…but I’d still look cute doing it! Hee!

Do keep checking back on this page as I will share more of my character, interests and more as I continue to grow up. 😀


Growth Update (as of 13 February 2014):

Height: 85.0 cm

Weight: 11.2kg