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I was safely delivered into the world at 3.48pm on 26 Nov 2009 in Hospital Pantai Ampang, KL. It’s actually the same hospital as my big brother Collin’s birth place. Just a recent change of name, I guess. My height and weight at the time of delivery was 52cm and 2.76kg. Papa and Mama gave me the name Caitlynn Cheah Ying Shan and I’m really proud and happy of it’s uniqueness and meanings !

“Caitlynn” is of Irish and Gaelic origins and is pronouced KATE-lin.  By definition, it means “pure”. My Chinese name, Ying Shan (displayed below) carries really beautiful meanings. In summary, “Ying” means clever or gifted, while “Shan” means good, virtuous, charitable, kind – add them all up and that’s a lot of characteristics to live up to! But all I know is that I shall always be…a good girl. 😀


I am becoming more and more adventurous with my fearless crawlings all over! I’ve also discovered I have quite a big voice and an infectious laughter! Hee hee :-D.  I love to eat meaty stuff and crunchy stuff. Although I can be quite shy, once I get to know you better, I can definitely be clingy like a koala bear!

I’m  happy to share my life adventures through the pages of this blog and hope to meet up with some of my readers one day too! Enjoy!

Growth Update (as of 10 March 2013) :

Height: 96cm; Weight: 13.3kg