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Family Foto Friday

#HolidayThrowback – Photo taken during CNY celebrations in Empire Mall Subang


Holiday Throwback: Our Own Beach House

Don’t you just envy those houses located right smack next to the beach? Where the opening of the windows would bring  a whiff of fresh beach winds and the unmistakable fresh saltwater breeze smell? Where a short morning or evening stroll would take you right to the doorstep of the beautiful sea and beach? SIGH.

So what do you do when you don’t own beach-houses? Bring the beach to the house, of course!

Ah Koong has expertly converted the previous sandbox in the house garden to an even bigger space! It does make sense too since now there would be more and more nieces and nephews to play with!

Here are some pics of our largest sandbox playtime in Sitiawan yet! Wonder if we can get a full quorum in the near future! Hee!


Selfie Friday with Papa

Ways to Make Papa Happy #33

…Proudly carry the Man Utd logo to school!

Innovation Day: Cushion Sleeper

Ever had that tired feeling of nodding off to sleep when you’re just too tired. And sometimes, the nodding off part becomes painful because you might nod off the sleep falling forward FLAT on your face?

Protect your eyes and face now! Simple wrap the standard neck rest cushion the other way round, covering your eyes comfortably.

Now, whenever you have the urge to just doze off for a power nap, just let your face fall freely forward. Go on. Take that rest. You deserve it! 😛

Now if I can only figure out how to walk and see things in one of those things….sigh.



Family Foto Friday!

Why I Love Ice-Cream….

  1. It’s COOL!!
  2. So much sugar! Woo Hoo!
  3. The Waffle Cone!!!! It’s probably more yummy than the ice-cream itself!!
  4. It melts before and after it enters my mouth!!
  5. Needs no feeding. I can feed myself with it!
  6. So creamy!!!
  7. So yummy!!
  8. It gives me an energy boost!!!
  9. Especially great on a hot day!!!
  10. Instant mustache and beard!!! 😛

Grandma Foto Friday!

Caleb’s Clarifications: Shopping Baskets

The most important component of the            


…is the WHEELS!!

CNY. Eat. Cake. Repeat.

Wanna know one of the best perks of having both our birthdays (Koko and myself) so close to Chinese New Year everyday?

We get to celebrate and eat lotsa cakes!!! Hehehe….

#1: Celebration in Ipoh….

#2: Celebration in Sitiawan…

#3: Celebration on my actual birthday…

#4: Celebration on Koko’s actual birthday…