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Tuesday’s Transformational Thoughts

When LIFE puts a ROCK in front of you….

….use it as a PHOTO PROP and SMILE!!!

Paper Cupcakes

Ever felt so, so hungry in between meals that your stomach cries out for a snack, but your mind continues to remind you of how unhealthy that is?!

Ever wanted to eat those light, but satisfying snacks that is approved by both your stomach and mind?

Come, brave yourself and try out my new self-creation – minimalist, paper cup-cakes!

Guaranteed to keep your mouth meal-free till the next proper meal comes along! Never put on any extra weight! No Cholesterol! No Oil!

Sounds YUMMY already?

Caitlynn’s Credible Conclusions


…is a long distance relationship between two toes…


Review: Le Gardenz

Once upon a time, we discovered this uniquely decorated restaurant with many different themes like a castle, robots, etc. They even have some of the eating areas made out from large shipment containers! The name is Le Gardenz Cafe, located somewhere in Balakong area.

After we had ordered, we had so much fun exploring its surrounding area! It’s almost as if the entire area was like a giant restaurant-playground! Hee!

The London Bus dining area!! Nice!

Tickets please!!

Lovely garden area. Check out the innovative lamp behind me!

Koko posing with Arsenal…:-p

This way to the toilet…

Toilet doors…..huge Star Wars fan the owners must be…

So how was the food, you ask?

Sorry. I cannot remember dy. I think we had some macaroni and cheese; can’t really recall if the food was outstanding or not. Well, you don’t expect much of a restaurant review by a kid, right? 😛

Riddle of the Day

What’s 5 + 5 + colours?


10 Beautiful Fingernails!! Hee! 😀

Caitlynn’s Credible Conclusions


Someone who takes away your money as well as your tooth, your joy, and your time; in return for your blood, your sweat, your tears, your pain, and your discomfort.

Still cannot figure out the economics of dentistry…SIGH.

Driving Ms Wild

Driving on the wild side that’s what I love,

Showing off my skills and dangerous moves,

Driving so carefree, without stress nor fear,

Heck, I don’t even need to change any gears!


‘Stunts’ they call it? Nah, that’s just so lame,

Poor and sorry excuse for a sporty name;

To me, these stunts come oh so naturally,

Leaning back, kneeing corners, making U-turns recklessly!


Stunt driving feels like living on the edge,

The ultimate feeling of flying free from the cage;

So who would want a ride with me I wonder?

Or am I actually just a really, scary driver?

Hairy Thoughts 101

The top part of your head is usually covered with hair.

These hair are very lonely things. They have been outcast from almost everything else. That makes them lonely. Seriously.

That is why we need to pamper them with long cool hair washes every now and then.

That is why we need to blow them dry and make them feel special.

That is why so much attention is always given to grooming our hair.

And, yes, I repeat – being hair can be lonely.

So it is no surprise that hair needs company. And whenever they have company, hair becomes happy. Everybody is happy.

And I will look more pretty. Yay me!

Remember to love your hair OK? 😀

Family Foto Friday – Cousin’s Edition!

Car-aoke: Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning

Exclusive recording of our cover this Bon Jovi hit sung inside the car. Enjoy!