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I was born at 9.51am on 19 Feb 2008 in Hospital Pantai Indah, KL. My height and weight at the time of delivery was 51cm and 3.26kg. Papa and Mama gave me the name Collin Cheah Yi Wen and I’m confident I’ll carry it well!

The name “Collin” is pronounced Kah-lin and it is of Scottish origin. By definition, my name means “people of victory”. My Chinese name, Yi Wen (displayed below) carries really cool meanings. Briefly, “Yi” means resolute, firm and determined, while “Wen” means cultured, ie. gentlemanly…ahem. :-p


I have since grown to be a healthy and handsome boy with really cheeky and mischievous looks. I always have a smile on my face that will bring joy to everyone I meet. I am also very active physically, with tendencies to climb all over people. Hee!

Growth Update (as of 10 March 2013):

Height: 115 cm

Weight: 19.3kg