Holiday Throwback: Onboard the KD Rahmat Warship

One of the highlights of going back to Mama’s hometown of Sitiawan is the opportunity to visit the Lumut beaches. The last time we were there back in February, we were all in for a treat because not only did we get to see Lumut beach, we even managed to go onboard a real-life warship!

The KD Rahmat Maritime Museum has been docked along the Lumut beach coast for quite a few years now, but we never bothered to check it out till this year. The strange thing is that from afar, it really looks kinda haunted with very few crowds, no attractive signboards, souvenir stalls, etc.

I remembered that evening when Papa and Ah Koong took all three of us to Lumut when we all decided to FINALLY check out this warship…

The whole experience was really fun, actually. We got to move about in narrow spaces along the ship, try out the ship bunk beds, check out the ship dining area, gun area, lookout areas, etc.

And besides, there’s a cool garden/park where we could run around after we disembarked from the warship….

And oh yeah….did I mention the beach view is simply breathtaking?

Overall, an incredibly awesome experience we had onboard a real-life warship! If only the powers that be put in more effort to make this attraction more visible to everyone!

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