Holiday Throwback: The X-Wing Experience

Sometime late last year, we were travelling back to KL from our holiday break. When we had reached the roads of KL, Papa brought up a suggestion to swing by Mid Valley. Apparently the X-Wing (from Star Wars…duh!) was on exhibition for the very last day!

When we reached the concourse, there was already a queue, but not as crazy as when the X-Wing first landed more than a month before.

We quickly got into the queue and stood in awe and admiration for the huge X-Wing before us!

Yep….Papa seemed more excited than any of us. Hahaha…

While waiting for our turn, we managed to take a few shots with the amazing plane in the background…

After a well-worth-the-wait 20 mins or so, we made it to the cockpit of the X-Wing!!

Yes, Papa too…:-P

One last photo with the X-Wing before we left…

And that’s it! An incredible experience and certainly well worth the detour! 😀


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