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Family Foto Friday

#HolidayThrowback – Photo taken during CNY celebrations in Empire Mall Subang


Holiday Throwback: Our Own Beach House

Don’t you just envy those houses located right smack next to the beach? Where the opening of the windows would bring  a whiff of fresh beach winds and the unmistakable fresh saltwater breeze smell? Where a short morning or evening stroll would take you right to the doorstep of the beautiful sea and beach? SIGH.

So what do you do when you don’t own beach-houses? Bring the beach to the house, of course!

Ah Koong has expertly converted the previous sandbox in the house garden to an even bigger space! It does make sense too since now there would be more and more nieces and nephews to play with!

Here are some pics of our largest sandbox playtime in Sitiawan yet! Wonder if we can get a full quorum in the near future! Hee!


Holiday Throwback: Onboard the KD Rahmat Warship

One of the highlights of going back to Mama’s hometown of Sitiawan is the opportunity to visit the Lumut beaches. The last time we were there back in February, we were all in for a treat because not only did we get to see Lumut beach, we even managed to go onboard a real-life warship!

The KD Rahmat Maritime Museum has been docked along the Lumut beach coast for quite a few years now, but we never bothered to check it out till this year. The strange thing is that from afar, it really looks kinda haunted with very few crowds, no attractive signboards, souvenir stalls, etc.

I remembered that evening when Papa and Ah Koong took all three of us to Lumut when we all decided to FINALLY check out this warship…

The whole experience was really fun, actually. We got to move about in narrow spaces along the ship, try out the ship bunk beds, check out the ship dining area, gun area, lookout areas, etc.

And besides, there’s a cool garden/park where we could run around after we disembarked from the warship….

And oh yeah….did I mention the beach view is simply breathtaking?

Overall, an incredibly awesome experience we had onboard a real-life warship! If only the powers that be put in more effort to make this attraction more visible to everyone!

Tuesday’s Transformational Thoughts

When LIFE puts a ROCK in front of you….

….use it as a PHOTO PROP and SMILE!!!

Car-aoke: 21 Guns

Yet another exclusive cover from us – this time on Greenday’s classic…. 21 Guns! Enjoy!

Selfie Friday with Papa

Paper Cupcakes

Ever felt so, so hungry in between meals that your stomach cries out for a snack, but your mind continues to remind you of how unhealthy that is?!

Ever wanted to eat those light, but satisfying snacks that is approved by both your stomach and mind?

Come, brave yourself and try out my new self-creation – minimalist, paper cup-cakes!

Guaranteed to keep your mouth meal-free till the next proper meal comes along! Never put on any extra weight! No Cholesterol! No Oil!

Sounds YUMMY already?

Ways to Make Papa Happy #33

…Proudly carry the Man Utd logo to school!

Holiday Throwback: The X-Wing Experience

Sometime late last year, we were travelling back to KL from our holiday break. When we had reached the roads of KL, Papa brought up a suggestion to swing by Mid Valley. Apparently the X-Wing (from Star Wars…duh!) was on exhibition for the very last day!

When we reached the concourse, there was already a queue, but not as crazy as when the X-Wing first landed more than a month before.

We quickly got into the queue and stood in awe and admiration for the huge X-Wing before us!

Yep….Papa seemed more excited than any of us. Hahaha…

While waiting for our turn, we managed to take a few shots with the amazing plane in the background…

After a well-worth-the-wait 20 mins or so, we made it to the cockpit of the X-Wing!!

Yes, Papa too…:-P

One last photo with the X-Wing before we left…

And that’s it! An incredible experience and certainly well worth the detour! 😀


Caitlynn’s Credible Conclusions


…is a long distance relationship between two toes…