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Smile of the Day!

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Fashion Tips: Tying the Hair

Using a rubber band to tie up one’s hair is one of the easiest and probably fastest way to fashion up one’s hair. Unfortunately, many people are still unaware of the many dangers if the number of tied up hair goes beyond a certain limit!

For your guide, here is a summary what happens when you tie up your hair with a rubber band…

Tying hair with ONE rubber band:

– standard and quick hair fashioning up.

– great to use this technique when really pressed for time…or if you could only find ONE rubber band…

– best used at the back from the centre position.

Tying hair with TWO rubber bands:

– best used if you have enough hair to distribute evenly

– typically used to branch out hair symetrically from both left and right side

– swivel head left and right for added effect. 😛

Tying hair with THREE rubber bands?



Schooling Questions 101

Almost mid way through my first year in primary school, I have discovered so many things which made me more curious about how school was like for Papa and Mama. This prompted me to continuously ask them ‘intelligent’ questions, such as…

– Last time your school got how many levels?

– Your school got field or not?

– Did you go to school by bus?

– Did you need to bring so many books to school too?

– Your school bag got wheels one ah?

– Did you need to climb up stairs to your class?

– Did your seat come with a window?

– Did your classrooom have an electronic screen?

– Did you all wear T-Shirts during Pendidikan Jasmani?

– Did your school have shaded corridors?

– What kind of food was served in your school canteen?

– Your school got how many gates?

– How did your timetable look like?

– How long was the recess period?

– Was your class room table and chairs made of wood or plastic or metal?

– What time does your school finish?

– Did you get many homeworks to do at home?

– Did you have to keep your hair short in school?

– Did you have to do spelling exercises almost every other day?!

Yup. My questions may seem endless but it gives me a rare chance to catch a glimpse into Papa and Mama’s earlier childhood days when they were schooling.

Any getting some of the answers, I guess I like school in my own era better. Why? probably because we get an awesome electronic screen in the class room! Of course, schoolbags are probably heavier now than before. probably




TUBS of Joy!

Did you ever notice how many of the stuff that kids love tend to come in TUB-SIZES? Don’t believe me? Lemme count them…

– Bath TUB!

– TUB of chocolates!

– Movie sTUB!

– TUB of ice-cream!

– TUB of water!

– TUBa! (if we ever get a chance to play it, of course!)

– TUB of toothpaste!

– TUB of toys!

– washing machine TUB!

– TUB of colour markers!

Lego Friday!

This lego model from the Galaxy squad series has to be one of the more unique sets I’ve ever completed. The biggest construct was that of a gigantic spider, complete with a catapult mechanism that launches eggs which would then crack open to reveal mini alien creatures!

I found the insect-based lego to be very uniquely non-linear in form and presented a whole new refreshing challenge. Here are some more pics of the finished product.:-)

Kung Fu Dancing

Food Appreciation 101

1. Eat veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowly……..

2. Play with your food..

3. Get people to feed you…

4. Drink soup straight from the bowl….

5. Compliment the cook! 😀

Smile of the Day!

Fast Car, Furious Caleb…

Psssssst! This is my exclusive video audition clip to join the crew in Fast and Furious 8!!!! Can pass ah? 😛

Can pass ah? 😛

The Nibbling Rat

The way I love to eat my food, is almost like a rat,

I’d nibble slowly at my food, cos I like it like that,

You may think that I was eating in slow motion,

nibbling like forever with zero acceleration;

But don’t be alarmed, that’s my actual speed, I kid you not,

I just love to slowly enjoy my food, with every nibble I’ve got!