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Our Melbourne Adventure (Day 8 of 8)

We knew this day would eventually arrive. Our final day in Melbourne. Sigh. So, how did we spend Day 8 in Melbourne?

Early in the morning, we boarded the free tram to Federation Square, where we disembarked and took a short stroll over the Princes Bridge…

…and finally arrived in front of the National Gallery of Victoria…..

…where Papa had arranged for for theΒ Werribee Park Shuttle bus to pick us up from there to the Werribee Open Range Zoo!

The journey wasn’t very long, about less than an hour, but all of us still managed to fall asleep in the comfy shuttle. πŸ˜€ When we woke up, we had arrived at the Werribee, a very unique type of zoo. Its open range concept meant that it was built on very, very big space of land so that the zoo animals are free to roam about everywhere. πŸ˜€

Here are photo highlights from my safari-type adventure at the Werribee!

Our first destination as we entered the gates was to head straight for the Safari Station, which as essentially a safari bus that would take us around the open range areas of the zoo…

There was already a bit of a long queue when we got there. but it’s alright…

…because the safari bus is pretty LONG as well! Hee.. And soon we were off on our safari adventure!

Wild horses!

they are wild because….their manes are punk-sytled! :P

An Addax. Check out those cool curvy antlers!

Papa…can we hop off the bus to touch the animals? Please?!!

They have camels here too!

Caught a hippo sun-bathing! Hee!

Another one of those African houses set up in the open range area; probably to create that authenticity. :-P

Nope. No animals here. Just wanted to show how BIG the space of a zoo this us! :-D

Rhino poop. YUCK! But we were told this is almost like the rhino’s Facebook – status, updates, etc. :-p

Hello Mr Giraffe!

Giraffes look so much more magnificent in real-life! Wow!

Yup. They eat leaves….

…with their super, duper LONG tongue!

can’t tell if Mr Rhino is happy or angry!

Then some zebras made their crossings too…:-P

I wonder if this is what Africa looks like? :-P

An ostrich in the “sin bin” for naughty behaviour. :-P

After the safari bus tour concluded, we proceeded to explore the other areas of zoo on foot. This was probably the more tiring part of the tour. Hehe. Being the smallest, of course I exercised my “Carry Me” card more than once. Hehe…

The gorilla family tree. hehe

Nope. No gorilla inside here!

The Cheetah…..

More hippos sunbathing!

An Australian wild dog……sleeping…..:-D

Active meerkats!

Kings of the jungle! Rawr!!!



I’m really worried about this jeep. If the lion attacks, we cannot even drive away. There’s no steering wheel!!!! :-O


Hmmm…is this where they audition to be monkeys?

Peek-a-boo Koala!

Finally, I see your face. But why are the eyes still closed? :-(

We then found a barn where the previously sheep wool is sheared and processed. It was quite scary inside, so we literally walked through the barn fast fast….hehe

We finished up our Werribee Zoo tour with a light snack at the Meerkat Cafe before heading back to the parking lot to catch the same shuttle back to the CBD. Of course Koko and I couldn’t get enough of the live animals so we had to pose with many of the “not-so-live” animals . Hehe…


Jiejie, on the other hand, preferred to pose with rocks, plants and trees…

When we reached our hotel, we took a well-deserved rest after an exhausting but exciting outing to the zoo. Meanwhile, Papa took a quick walk to the DFO South Wharf for some last minute shopping and he also came back with arguably one of the best burgers in Melbourne – The Merrywell Burger..

Ahhh….but that was NOT our dinner! for dinner, Mama decided to cook in, serving up two plates of delicious Australian yummy meats…what a fantastic way to have our final dinner meal in Melbourne. πŸ˜€

Porterhouse Steak with white mushrooms

Spice-glazoned Rump Steak

The next morning, with heavy hearts (and still sleepy and heavy heads…), we made it to Melbourne Airport, checked in and departed back to our homeland…

Thank you Air Asia X for bringing us home!

We arrived that afternoon itself, saving 3 hours also! Woo hoo! Not sure what that means though, but I’m suddenly feeling hungry at 4pm. Maybe that’s what it means. Hmmmmm.

Phew! And that brings to a close our recent family vacation to Melbourne, Australia! Thanks for reading and enjoying the pics!

Where should we travel next? Hmmmmm….:-D