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Our Melbourne Adventure (Day 7 of 8)

On Day 7, we paid a visit to the Melbourne Sealife – a magnificent aquarium located within the City area! To be honest, it was even within walking distance from our hotel! Hehe..

Anyway, we spent almost the entire day there and it was truly memorable! These were some of our photos taken inside Sealife:

One of the exciting stuff they prepared for us kids was this “Dive Log Book” where we would collect stamps from selected stations as we explored and toured the Sealife. If we managed to complete ALL the stamps, we would be rewarded with a mystery gift! Yup! That definitely kept us excited enough to complete the entire tour and ALL the stations!

we got to touch a REAL starfish! :-D

shark eggs too!!


Found Dory!!!


Found Nemo!!!

After aweing and gaping at the jelly-fishes, we came to a kids play area – with a twist! Here, we were given sheets of paper with a particular outline of a fish drawing. we would then colour the fishes…

After completing our colouring, we took our masterpieces to a nearby computer, where we would then SCAN it….

….and within seconds, our artwork will be projected on the giant wall aquarium!! Cool, huh?

After this short but entertaining break, we continued our Sealife adventure…

After walking through those huge tanks with manta-rays and sharks, we came to the top-side of that same aquarium where we could FEED the fishes! Now we know why the sharks didn’t eat every other fish inside the tank! 😛

Miniature version of the Great Barrier Reef!

Ahh…this is the real croc!

The famous 5m long saltwater croc of Sealife!

Gasp! A Giant Burrowing Cockroach!!!


Next came Seahorse Pier!! Challenge was really spotting these small little cuties!

Spot the Seahorse?

Eventually we arrived at the final station, which was also the most exciting one for all of us kids (and the adults too, I’m sure!) – PENGUINS!!! Too bad none of them were tap dancing or singing, though. Sigh.

At the exit, we collected our souvenier photo, which completes the incredible exploration of Melbourne Sealife!

And that’s a wrap for Day 7! For those tracking our food trail, we had dinner at this outlet near Burke Street Mall called Schnitz. Their specialties were schnitzels (what else?!) in wraps, parmigianas and their famous diamond-cut fries. Apparently, parmigianas was another type of food one has to try in Melbourne, and Schnitz certainly didn’t disappoint.  Papa and Mama also seemed very satisfied with the fries. Probably because the fries here taste very much different than all the other fries we’ve tasted so far!

So where did we go on the last day in Melbourne? Stay tuned for Day 8!