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Our Melbourne Adventure (Day 6 of 8)

On Day 8, we made another trip back to the Queen Victoria Market to see what they had on offer in the morning. And what else would you expect a market to sell but fresh MEATS!!! Erm…and other food stuff too, of course…hehe

After stocking up on some food Mama intended to cook later or even bring back home (yay!), we explored other areas of the market and discovered that the outer part where we had our pasar malam dinner had been transformed into a giant warehouse, which is THE place to buy those Australian souveniers, leather stuff, clothes, and even fruits!

After Papa returned to join us in the evening, we took a leisurely ride onboard the City Circle Tram (no. 35) around the CBD area, and disembarked at the Docklands. For some strange reasons, the tram operated at longer hours on Thursdays, until about 9pm. Yay us!

Anyway, one of the main reasons we decided to go to the Docklands again was because Papa hadn’t had the chance to visit that area yet. But when we got there, almost the entire Harbour Town mall had already closed (as expected). That was OK because the plan was to go up the Melbourne Star again…only this time, at NIGHT!

We finished off Day 6 with dinner at a Korean Restaurant called Kimchi Tray, which is located along Flinders Street. Personally, I think the highlight of this restaurant is not that super yummy authentic MSG-free Korean cuisine. It is the overly friendly Korean owner, which made or dinner more memorable.

And that’s it for Day 6!

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