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Our Melbourne Adventure (Day 5 of 8)

Day 5 in Melbourne brought us to the Docklands! This area is near the pier area on the northern section of the CBD, but it is still accessible by the Free Trams! Yay!

The area was quite lively with a big space for kids to run about and also the Harbour Town Shopping Mall.

We soon made our way to the main highlight in the Docklands – the Melbourne Star! It is one of only FOUR Giant Observation Wheels in the World! Of course, as kids, we just love anything that goes round and round! Hee!

Yeah…they even have a table inside the cabin! We shoulda just have our lunch here! :-P

At the end of the ride, we went into the souvenier shop where they displayed an awesome Lego reconstruction of the Melbourne Star!

….and we collected our ‘green screen’ souvenier pics to complete our Melbourne Star experience!

In the evening, together with Papa, we took the free tram to the famous Queen Victoria Market. Now on selected Wednesday nights, they have a special Queen Victoria Night Market, which runs from 5pm to 10pm. It is almost like our local pasar malam, with plenty of varieties of international foods sold in hawker style booths. I could see foods from Argentina, Spain, Mexico, China, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, etc. It was really like a global food fest! There were also many street band performances and stalls selling knick knacks, clothings, etc.

The super popular roast pig from the Philippines

Kangaroo steak burger! Yummy!

And as usual, Caitlynn managed to (YET AGAIN!) find some pole to climb…

And that’s a wrap for Day 5!

Stay tuned for Day 6 to find out what the Queen Victoria Market looks like in the morning! And likewise, what the Melbourne Star looks like at night!