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Our Melbourne Adventure (Day 3 of 8)

It was another early morning start to our Day 3 in Australia. We quickly packed up all our bags and checked out of the Motor Inn as early as we could. Papa said the plan was to go to this Blue Hills Berry FarmΒ in the morning so we can go pick some fruits there! I was very excited because I just LOVE fruits! Hehe.

However, as we were checking out, Renee suggested that we might want to check out Rayner’s Orchard instead. She said they had more variety of fruit and they also run this tractor tours around the orchard! And so that’s where we went instead! We’re so glad we took her advice!

We got tour the super big fruit orchard on a tractor-pulled tram and check out many different types of fruits. The dogs in the orchard was also over-friendly and followed us during the tour too! JieJie especially struck a connection to Daisy, the youngest pup on the orchard!

Here’s our photos from our fruitful experience at Rayner’s Orchard:

Acres and acres and acres of FRUITS!!!!

The special part of the tractor tour was stopping at any point, jumping off the tractor, picking a fruit, cutting it and eating it on the spot! We were even allowed to pick any fruits we liked and buy them later. This was our first stop at a peach tree.

Daisy hitching a ride with us on the tour too! :-D

Mama even got the chance to experience manning a fruit picker machine!

The fruitiest playground ever!!!

Upon completing our tractor tour, we bought some fruits(peaches, golden plum, nectarines, etc.) and headed straight back into the city of Melbourne. Papa told all of us to take a nap and get some rest because the journey back to the city would be quite long. We also needed to recharge for the next tour……Phillip Island!

When we woke up, we had already arrived inside the Melbourne city area, where we checked into our next hotel, the Adina Apartment-Hotel, Northbank. The location was very strategic as it was within walking distance to the Convention Centre where Papa needed to go for his work and also it was within the so-called Free Tram Zone Area, so we could conveniently get a tram nearby. But I guess the best thing about this hotel is that it comes fully furnished with everything a home should have – kitchen stove, fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, etc.! Really felt like staying in a house! πŸ˜›

Papa had earlier booked a tour with the Little Penguin Bus to take all of us to Phillip Island to see the famous Penguin Parade. We took a walk from our hotel down Flinders Street to Rendezvous Hotel where the tour van was waiting. It wasn’t one of those large tour buses. The Little Penguin Bus is as what it says – a mini 15 seater van with a friendly and funny tour-guide cum driver, Mac.

The journey to Phillip island took some 2+ hours, but the journey was never boring as we got to see some Australian plains along the way…

Ok, ok…so we did get some sleep along the way. πŸ˜›

When we finally reached Phillip Island, it was still quite early before the Penguin Parade, so Mac took us around the island where we managed to see some other wildlife that stay ‘together’ with the penguins, as well as some of the burrows that the penguins live in!

Penguin burrows…

Wallabies!!!!! So cute!!!

More penguin burrows…

Another cute wallaby! The baby was too shy to come out! Sigh.

Eventually, Mac took us to the popular lookout point of Noobies Dock, for a quick walk-a-round and photo-ops…

Can you spot the penguin?

We finally made it to the Penguin Parade!!!

We quickly took our dinner in the cafe before proceeding to the arena area to watch those little penguins coming to shore and making their way into the inlands. There were so many people at the viewing area it felt like we were in some stadium! The viewing period was for about one hour so the longer we waited, the better seats up front would become available as more and more people left.

It wasn’t very easy to spot those penguins in the dark (with very minimal spotlight) but I guess the experience was unbelievable. It was also quite exciting seeing the penguins moving together along the shore in order to survive the many seagulls lurking on the shores. Almost like watching Animal Planet live!

Anyway, if you are still reading the blog till this point, you might have guessed that NO PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed in the Penguin Parade viewing area. Hehe.

We were practically one of the last tour buses to leave the area and eventually arrived back at our hotel around midnight. A truly memorable experience up close with the penguins in their natural habitat.

If anyone else visiting Melbourne would like to use the services of the Little Penguin Bus to go to Philip Island, do drop us a PM. Papa says he has a referral coupon code for a 10% discount. πŸ˜€

Good night. See you again in Day 4 as we explore the city of Melbourne!