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Our Melbourne Adventure (Day 2 of 8)


Our second day in Melbourne started early in the morning where we took a scenic drive through the Yarra Valley, which was apparently quite famous for its wineries and fruit orchards. About half an hour later, we had arrived at our destination – Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary. There are three main zoos in Victoria, Melbourne. Healsville is one of the three and their focus is on the preservation of Australian wildlife. So of the three zoos, Healsville would be the ideal zoo to see all forms of Australian wildlife! Weee!

The following photos follows our trail inside Healsville Sanctuary – an amazing journey and (live) intro to Australian animals!

We finally found some real-life koala bears here…..but they were all so SHY!!!!! Sigh….Either that or it was still their nap time…;-P

Another koala in hiding…:-p

Up close with the emus

Yay! Kangaroos ahead!!!

250 year old tree! Wow!

Wombats! Never knew they were so HUGE!!

Looking intensely for the Tasmanian Devil…

There’s this one song that Ah Ma always loves to sing to us, which goes something like “Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree, merry merry king of the bush is he, Laugh…kookaburra laugh, kookaburra gay your life must be…” Anyway, that could be the reason why we all went nuts when we came up close and personal with a KOOKABURRA!

Not sure if that is an old gum tree or not…:-p

Finally we moved on, the song ringing clearly in our heads now…:-p


More bird-watching….

Shhhhhh….Mr Owl is sleeping….:-D

Can we see some platypus now? please?!!!!!

We finally managed to see many of the cute platypus in action but it was inside a darkened cave aquarium of sorts so we couldn’t get any good photos of em. Anyway, we began to trek back and finally arrived at the exit to conclude our morning zoo tour!

After a quick snack, we got into the car and immediately dozed off in weariness as Papa drove off to our next destination – Puffing Billy!

Now the most challenging bit about Puffing Billy was that it was a train and trains typically run on schedule. We had to catch the LAST train leaving Belgrave (starting point) at 2.30pm. We arrived at 1.30pm. Phew! That gave us plenty of time to pose with the famous steam train before it departed…

At exactly 2.30pm, the Puffing Billy, huffed and puffed and slowly rolled along its tracks as all of its passengers cheered on noisily whilst hanging out our legs over the ledge. Apparently, its  the trending thing to do on board the Puffing Billy!

Crossing the bridge with our legs all hanging out loose was really FUN!!

The entire stretch of Puffing Billy takes about 2 hours all the way to Gembrook. But we decided to disembark at the halfway point, ie at Lakeside, which was 1 hour from Belgrave. Somehow, the one hour ride seemed pretty short. Perhaps having our legs hanging out most parts of the journey helps. Hehe.

We arrived in Lakeside at 3.30pm and walked around its erm, lake side area for while. We had about an hour of sightseeing here before the LAST train for Belgrave leaves at 4.30pm.

Welcome to the duck-side….

We promptly made it back before 4.30pm because it was the LAST train heading back to Belgrave and we couldn’t afford to miss that. Of course, that gave us more photo ops with Puffing Billy! Yay!

The trip back was just as FUN!!! hehe…

Back in Belgrave, we took one final photo with the Puffing Billy cut-out board before saying goodbye! What a fantastic 2-hour ride that was simply unforgettable!

To cap of a memorable Day 2, we treated ourselves to some fine Australian steak in Squire’s Loft, Nunawading, which was actually a recommendation from Connor, one of the chefs from the Maroondah Take Away where we had our dinner the night before.


So what was in store of for us in Day 3? Some fruits and penguins? Hmmmm. Stay tuned!