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Our Melbourne Adventure (Day 1 of 8)

During the last short one-week school break, we followed Papa on another of his business travels. It was probably one of the LONGEST flights we’ve ever taken. Thank God there weren’t any transits!! Anyway, it was a night flight from KLIA2, and with the lights having been switched off quite early on, we also fell asleep early on. 😛

About 8 hours later, we all safely landed ……in Melbourne, Australia!!

After we collected our luggages, we slowly made our way out of the airport where we were promptly greeted by the chilly, breezy natural air-cond of Melbourne! No wonder Mama packed so many warm clothings for this holiday! We found our pick-up across the street from the arrival block where we were transferred to a vehicle depot to collect the rental car Papa had pre-arranged.

We took a slow drive towards Croydon and with the help of Waze (what else?!) , found our first accommodation of our visit, ie the Victoria House Motor Inn. Initially, I had expected an inn to have something like a barn with a stable inside nearby, but this inn was quite an exceptional sight. The designs and decor were all of old Victorian-age elegance to it. The rooms were also spacious enough for our family of five. But the best part of the inn? – the incredibly HOMELY feel to it.

Unfortunately, it took us much longer than expected to get to the inn, so we had to readjust our planned itinerary a bit. Since it was our first day, Papa and Mama thought it may be a good idea to take things easy and not rush our agenda. So, we accepted some suggestions from our inn hosts, Rob and Renee, and took a long drive around the Melbourne suburbs as we headed towards Knox City Shopping Centre.

After a quick dinner at Hungry Jacks and some light grocery shopping, we were surprisingly not that tired yet! Must be something to do with the constant cool breeze…hehe. So Papa and Mama decided to take us to a nearby playground called Hughes Park, before the sky became too dark. In Australia, it gets dark quite early. Anyway, Hughes Park was quite fun too!


One of the more innovative things about this playground is that the ground is littered with small chip pieces of dry wood – a natural form of cushion. Really cool! But I guess they can do it here because it doesn’t rain much. 😛

Before we headed back to the Motor Inn, we went round sniffing for dinner and finally ended up at this joint called the Maroondah Take Away. They serve up awesome fresh fish and chips (a WHOLE LOTTA chips…)

And that’s it for Day 1 in Melbourne.

Stay tuned for Day 2 as we get up close and personal with some Australian wildlife and board one of the most famous steam trains in Australia!