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Why Pasar Malams Don’t Work at Home?

1. It’s usually brighter inside the house…

2. Same target customers

3. No other food stalls to complement my stall

4. No continuous droning of loud music

5. Distracted by TV

6. I may start to play with my own goods…:-p

7. Not allowed to ring bell or shout loudly

8. No pasar malam smell…

9. Tough to bargain with my siblings..

10. NO REAL MONEY GIVEN!!! Haihhhh….

Sigh. Gotta think of new business models liao…:-p



Cereal OCD

What, me…OCD?

Nah….I just like my breakfast this way…:-D


Friendship Friday!

Dinner with the cheeky Leong siblings..:-D

My Facial Interview

As a toddler, sadly or perhaps strangely, I believe I have very limited facial expressions. Maybe it’s because I feel happy and cheeky most of the time? Hehe. Anyway, here’s a recent ‘facial interview’ of myself. You decide! 😛


Postcards from CNY 2015: Sitiawan

Postcards from CNY 2015: Ipoh


Sweep-a-Holic : Someone totally addicted to sweeping the floor…

Are you in danger of being classified as a sweep-a-holic too? Here are my top 5 signs you should look out for…

5. You can’t help but find yourself hanging out with brooms and vacuum cleaners…

4. At the restaurant, you are totally immersed and fascinated with the worker that is sweeping the floor…

3. You get others involved in the at too!

2. You get visibly upset and agitated when someone ELSE cleans up your spot!

1. You pro-actively volunteer yourself to sweep the floor inside the barber shop!!

Triple Celebration!

Wow! How often does one get to celebrate one’s birthday on the SAME DAY as Chinese New Year?!!! Not very often! Hehe…

That’s why I got to celebrate it TWICE too! Errr….does that make it a TRIPLE celebration then?!!

My birthday on CNY? Hmmmm….methinks it’s gonna be a very, very GOOD year ahead! 😀