My First Day Prose


It must have been all a blur to me last Monday

Six years have zoomed past me that day

It felt as if I was only learning to crawl the day before

Suddenly I’m standing in front of the Standard One door!


Three years in pre-school….have I learnt anything?

Besides making noises, eating, dancing and singing?

Wonder if those skills would be useful in Standard One?

I certainly hope so, if not it will surely be no fun!


New school, new friends, new teachers and new challenges

Starting with a clean slate is always tough with these changes

So what new adventures lie ahead in this new school

Whatever they are, I’m going to make it cool


My six years have gone and really disappeared

But for all its worth, they will always be remembered

Archived memories of my special past

Hoping that they will forever last


I welcome my seventh year with a brave, strong heart

Praying to God to walk with me for a confident start

My next phase of life has only just begun

Seventh year’s looking so bright, I just gotta RUN!!


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One Response
  1. Adino says:

    Very creative and well done!

    Collin: Thanks Uncle Adino! 😀

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