Amazing Discovery @ 2 Jalan Wesley

A couple of weekends ago, our church’s Sunday School organised an activity called ‘Amazing Discovery’ where all parents and kids were given a series of clues that took us around the compounds of the church to search for the answers.

So what did I DISCOVER during the entire session?

1. Colour-coded T-shirts for families are really cool! Look how HOT we look in RED! Hee!

2. It is NOT easy to kick a football into a laundry basket! :-p

3. 140 cars can park around our church’s old main sanctuary

4. Adults can really run and behave like kids too….:-p

5. Floor plans and blueprint mapping ain’t for everyone.:-P

6. We now have a VERY COOL Youth Area!!

7. Adults can be pretty noisy when asked to make team cheers..

8. Flower arrangement can be quite exciting too!

9. Church-goers can be ultra competitive too!

10. Our church address! Hee!

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