Our Tour of Taiwan (Day 1)

Yup! The recent school holidays was definitely UNFORGETTABLE for us! Hee!

Papa had some work to do in a city called Taipei which is located in this country called Taiwan and it so happen to coincide with our school holidays too! Yay us! So Papa and Mama decided for everyone to go there earlier so that we could enjoy what Taiwan has to offer! All in all we spent a total of 8 days and 7 nights during this holiday spanning 3 different hotels and moving around on planes, trains and automobiles….what a great adventure we had! 😀

Day 1 (9 Aug)

We all woke up very, very early that morning, because Papa had called the airport taxi to come pick us up slightly before 6am. It was good that we left early too because when we arrived in KLIA, the check-in lanes were as long as those morning traffic jams Papa always goes through!

We were fortunate to be spotted and led to a special lane for families for a faster check-in. Perhaps some of the MAS officers heard Caleb’s crying from 5 miles away….hmmmm.

Anyway, we rushed over to McD’s for a quick breakfast before checking into the boarding gate. With Caleb’s huge nature calls and (Koko’s too), we really didn’t have much spare time when we finally entered the boarding gate…..where we could see what Papa told us to be the A380 Airbus, which was really, really HUGE….for a bus.

When the announcement came for the passengers to board, we were delighted to be able to board first…some family privilege, I reckon. :-p

The flight itself was an adventure of its own already! Our previous flight together as a family was only a 1 hour plus journey to Singapore, but this almost 5 hour journey is no easy feat…especially for Papa and Mama, who had to tend to Caleb for most of the journey when he was awake…

Sure, the entertainment unit in front of us did its level best in keeping our little brother’s voice down to a minimum, but sometimes when those in-flight announcements come on, Caleb would get fidgety again. Sigh. Luckily it was the A380, which provided Papa with a virtual athletic track to carry Caleb around and around and around when the cryin’ become toughin’ …

The meals on the flight were also pretty decent…and I also liked the many many pillows and blankets they provide….made me sleep so soundly for most of the journey..

Before long, Taipei was within sight….

Upon arrival at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), we took our time and waited for all the other passengers to disembark before getting off the plane ourselves. It was a rather long walk before we reached some checkpoint where some ladies were waiting there to check the temperature of us kids. Dunno why the adults were exempted but the sight of the lady with the ear-thermometer somehow freaked me out as I held on to Mama for dear life whilst screaming and crying. After the scan was done, the kind lady also offered us some packets of tissue paper to calm me down. :-p What a frightening welcome for me…phew..

We eventually made our way to the immigration counters where we were greeted with yet another human queue…

Thankfully, we were also guided to (yet another) express lane that enabled us to get through these gates faster. Hmmm…something tells me there’s great advantage in travelling in families…hee!

Anyway, we quickly found a taxi that proceeded to take us our first hotel – Hsuanmei Boutique Hotel (台北宣美精品飯店). The trip to the hotel was rather far too, and it showed as all of us were knocked out by the time the taxi made the first junction off the airport..

Unfortunately, when we arrived at Hsuanmei Hotel, our room wasn’t ready yet, so we decided to take a stroll around the area to know our surroundings better. We found that there was nothing to worry about as there were plenty of these convenience stores called Hi-Life , Family Mart or even the better-known 7-11s nearby the hotel. There were also so many bakeries around the blocks where we walked. It was as if Taiwanese simply loved their bread! 😀 Best thing is…so do WE! Hee!

After a quick dinner of beef noodles at some streetside shop…

…..we made our way back to the hotel, which was pretty large, decent and modern too!

Coolest things about Hsuanmei Hotel: HUGE Jacuzzi tub with TV!, contemporary designs and fittings, highly-advanced toilet bowl with electronic bidet, room-settings controlled by a tablet, universal plug points, in-house clothes dryer, manual-coin operated washer and dryer service, step stool (kid friendly!), hi-tech shower with SO many spray holes, large compound for us to run around, 40 inch + LCD TV with 100+ channels (seriously!)

Alas..it was time to say goodnight, so we looked forward to Day 2 where our tour of Taiwan really starts..

Day 1 Recap

KUL –>TPE –>Hsuanmei Hotel

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